The Benefits of Firmwide Licenses

The use of "firmwide use" licenses for and has become very popular among law firms. Here are three reasons why:

  1. No Hassle with User IDs or Passwords - Among the benefits of firmwide use is the ability to have access to through your intranet without anyone having to input user ids or passwords.
  2. Reduced Rates - We tailor the cost of each firmwide license to the specific needs of each particular law firm. We consider all the relevant factors - including the fact that it's a volume purchase - and provide a reasonable estimate accordingly.
  3. No Discrimination Between Offices - Larger offices typically can afford our "unlimited" license easily, but smaller offices might have more trouble. With a firmwide license, everybody in the firm has access to our sites - regardless of their location.

If interested in a firmwide license, contact our headquarters at 800-737-1271 (