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  • - our web site devoted to Section 16 issues, including ongoing Q&A with Alan Dye and an online version of the Romeo & Dye Section 16 Forms and Filings Handbook
  • Romeo & Dye's Section 16 Filer - our simple and practical Edgarizer and e-filing software for Section 16 forms
  • Fully Revised Section 16 Treatise - the 5th Edition of Romeo & Dye's Section 16 Treatise, the major work on Section 16!
  • Section 16 Bootcamp - a combination of three resources for Section 16 beginners, including 14 online videos, a copy of "Section 16 Tales" paperback
  • Section 16 Tales - a Section 16 Beginner's Manual - a 200-page paperback - filled with practical stories from in-house practitioners

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