Section 16 Filer: Testimonials

Romeo and Dye's filer is not only the best buy on the market, but its also the best product out there - and we looked at several different filers! After making a few filings through a financial printer, we realized we could save a lot of money - and a lot of time - doing it in-house. And we tried the SEC's filer, but it can’t keep any history and it doesn’t allow us to compile the reports offline. Thank you!

Joshua DeRienzis
Vice President-Legal
Computer Associates International

We recently began using your software to create templates for our forms and to then file electronically. The software is absolutely spectacular. I can easily say that it has already become indispensable to us.

Prior to using your software, we completed our forms by hand, submitted them to our law firm for approval and then filed. Needless to say, that doesn't work any longer. Due to the new rulings, it is imperative that in-house counsel now handles electronic filing. What better way to do this than with your software, which can stand up to any legal software on the market.

All that said, the price is right, too!

Howard Brody
Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary

This is really good software. We'd only done paper filings before, but our electronic filings using your software went very smoothly. The cost was also quite nice - at $295 per filing company, it's very reasonable.

We also really appreciate how responsive you have been to our questions. This whole new reporting scheme is frustrating enough as it is, and you've been a big help.

Daniel B. Graves
Balch & Bingham

We recently downloaded and tested (successfully) your Form 4 Filer. We find the form preparation and Filing Wizard to be extremely user-friendly and are excited about making use of it.

Currently we file hard copies of our Forms and are looking for an electronic filing alternative in order to meet the stricter filing deadlines rapidly approaching. Thank you!

Charles J. Silva, Jr.
Vice President - General Counsel
Albany International

Your software is much more efficient and better than what we were previously doing (paper filing). I'm extremely happy with it.

There were a few initial bugs in the software, but they were fixed so quickly that I was amazed and impressed. With a two-day turnaround time, quick response is key. In addition to that, any time I've requested any help from online support, it's been smooth and professional. Consequently, I've had no problems with test or live filings.

I was concerned about a few things prior to using the software. Ease of use and ease of data entry were two. I found both to be fully to my satisfaction.

The final thing that I'll say is that the software came out at the perfect time.

Kathy Tyrell
Legal Department Coordinator

We found your software package to be both user-friendly and efficient. We are a very satisfied user of your filer. Thanks.

Annette Schoeberlein
McCormick & Co.

Wanted to let you know that your software is very easy to use and I certainly appreciate it. … Thank you.

Barbara J. Carpenter
Asst. Secretary of the Corp.
MTS Systems

Romeo and Dye's filer is not only the best buy several times over, but it's also the best product out there hands down. And we looked at a lot of different filers!

Associate General Counsel,
Fortune 500 company

I absolutely could not believe how inexpensive the Romeo & Dye' Filer was - particularly considering it's the best filer I tried!

Stock Plan Administrator,
Fortune 500 company

I am a consultant specializing in advising companies on Edgar filings. I have reviewed all the Section 16 filers out there. The only one that I recommend to clients is the Romeo & Dye Filer because of its simple - yet elegant - format and superb usability. And I have to mention its cost, which is so much lower than anything else out there, particularly considering the high costs of using a financial printer or any other third party.

Name withheld
EDGAR Consultant