FAQs: "Section 16 Bootcamp"

  1. Who is the "Section 16 Bootcamp" designed for?
  2. The "Section 16 Bootcamp" is designed for those fairly new to dealing with Section 16 practices. Here's a 90-second video explaining how the Bootcamp works.

  3. Can I gain access to the "Section 16 Bootcamp" because I am a member of Section16.net?
  4. No. The "Section 16 Bootcamp" is a separate subscription apart from Section16.net. It’s a Beginner's course that happens to have an online component (as well as a paperback).

  5. Where are the 14 videos for the Bootcamp posted?
  6. Here are the 14 videos. You can see a list of the 14 video topics.

  7. How can I access the 14 videos after I register for the Bootcamp?
  8. Here are the 14 videos. To access after you register for the Bootcamp, sign in either with your Section16.net login credentials if you're a Section16.net member (or if you're a member of any of our other sites, try that login).

    If you aren't a member to any of our sites, you can use your email address in the 'User ID' field and your company zip code in the 'Password' field. If you have any problems, please contact us at info@section16.net or 512.485.1288.

  9. When will my access to the 14 videos expire if I register for the "Section 16 Bootcamp"?
  10. Your access will expire at the next 12/31 after a full 12 months has run. For example, if you register on September 20, 2018 - you will have access until December 31, 2019.

  11. Do you have plans to hold any additional "Section 16 Forums"?
  12. In June 2018, we held a pair of "Section 16 Forums" - one on each coast - to facilitate networking among Section 16 practitioners. At this time, we are not planning on holding additional Section 16 Forums - although that could change if there are significant Section 16 developments.